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Know more about me


            Arianna Dennise is her given name, but is better known as Ari-D bilingual Pop Urban singer

in the music industry. She is 9 years old and 

has always been clear of the path that she wanted to take in the entertainment world. 

When musical producer Gabriel Cruz (Wise the Gold Pen) met Ari-D, saw her raw talent, shortly after they began

together to create her first single in the Pop Urban genre. 

Ari- D born in St. Louis, Missouri is a loving daughter of Wanda Torres and Yadier Molina and has two brothers,

Yanuel and Daniel. 

Wanda her mom decide to stay and home to take care of the family and her father Yadier a professional

baseball player from St. Louis Cardinals both give all the love and support that Ari-D needs to 

realize she's dream, be an artist-singer.



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